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Mastering Fashion Stylist

Course Summary School: EIDM École Internationale de Mode & Luxe

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma

This intensive one-year program allows students to acquire all the skills to practice the profession of Fashion Stylist.
The Fashion Stylist discovers, anticipates and detects the trend. He brings his expertise by transforming and personalizing clothing, accessories or jewelry. The Fashion Stylist has the ability to create styles by using Styling techniques. He is the visionary of fashion.
Advanced skills and different faces, the Fashion Stylist excels in a multitude of fields. In the world of showbiz, between rhinestones and sequins, he is the one who dresses the celebrity, the pare with bright jewelry. For the stars of the small screen, he thinks about the outfits, sublimates the silhouette, polishes the appearance of the actors. On the catwalk, the looks worn by the models are reworked, perfected by the latter for a successful Fashion Show, close to detail! Through the staging, the stylist strives to highlight a product in a chosen environment. He created a universe: original, poetic, offbeat... out of his imagination and influenced by the latest Trends.
First, the creative touch: artistic impulse, ultra connection to novelty and relentlessly nourish his sensitive universe of ideas and originality to always be one step ahead.
Secondly, the technical side: being able to assemble fabrics, colors, prints... with harmony.
Thirdly, the Business aspect: defining new trends and consumer expectations, taking master in marketing techniques shine in events, being communicating by nature, 100% confident.
■ Know the complete history of Fashion and its evolution.
■ Master past, present and future trends.
■ Analyze a Fashion image and design a stylistic campaign.
■ Animate a professional shooting.
■ Write Mode media.
■ Master the "Fashion Code".
■ Know how to create a Lookbook.
■ Sensitivity to materials, fabrics, colors.
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