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Elegant comfort - How Olvi’s is encouraging women to show and celebrate their femininity with their outstanding collections

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6 avr. 2021

When we think of Olvi’s we think of sophisticated evening gowns, romantic lace combined with the finest fabrics, and outstanding bridal collections that make the most beautiful day in life even more beautiful. Olga Yermoloff, the founder and designer of Olvi’s, has a clear vision for the direction in which Olvi’s is heading:

To become a Global Women’s Luxury brand for the refined woman.

But the focus does not only lay on luxury occasional wear, as Olvi’s also features a luxury casual wear line InBloom by Olvi’s and a beautiful Loungewear collection which was launched in Winter 2020. The collections are setting a statement that every woman should feel desirable and confident regardless of her current life occasion.

Olvi’s women in times of change and uncertainty

In times of the current pandemic, not only women’s lifestyle but also their needs and desires of Olvi’s women has changed. A new normal has slipped in; life became slower but change became bigger, social contacts are limited but time with the one’s you are the closest with extended. We no longer want to go full-on with our outfits when the only major event of the day is the regular visit at the grocery store. But that does not by any means mean that we let ourselves down. It is now, more than ever, the time where we value luxury and especially quality but just in a way that suits our current lifestyle. When change is great, self-care and self-awareness becomes the biggest priority. The new desires and trend directions are there to help make good memories about moments close with your family, and more important with yourself that outweigh bad memories associated with the pandemic. And for exact this purpose, the Olvi’s loungewear collection and the casual InBloom collection were brought to life.

InBloom and Loungewear by Olvi’s – everything but boring!

The pandemic poses a challenge but rather new opportunities for Olvi’s to expand their product line. Olvi’s signature French stretch lace is embraced in various designs of the new collection. We are living in a fast-pace world, but the pandemic certainly has slowed down our lives, making us realize and appreciate the small details again. The idea behind the collections is making daily life not only more elegant but providing women with a confidence boost while not restricting in comfort.

Let the collection speak to you

The Loungewear collection contains beautiful gift sets that consists of a luxury lace mask and slippers lined with the finest silk in various colors, from mandarin red to Almond Swarovski.

No matter if you prefer a variety of cozy cashmere sweaters, tops, or cardigans with romantic lace detailing, or if you are more the silk robe type of girl, Olvi’s will certainly match your taste. There is no restriction in design, as Olvi’s offers numerous pieces from long-sleeve buttoned silk and lace top, over a lace robe dress with romantic rose pattern, up to soft silk shorts that feel like a second skin.

The InBloom collection features an exceptional design selection of flowy materials like chiffon or soft jersey that are embraced with modern and fresh colors. No matter if you feel like a long maxi-dress or rather blooming in one of our wonderful tops and pants, InBloom offers key pieces that match all of your moods. The size range goes from 34 up to 44 allowing the perfect fit for every body type with a maximum of comfort. All products are handmade by the best seamstresses and dressmakers around Europe. Craftsmanship is one of Olvi’s core values ensuring the highest quality in goods possible and creating a unique wearing experience. At the moment the collections are exclusively sold via the website olvis-lace.com and selected retailers.

Comfortable wear came to stay!

Comfy wear is the light at the end of the tunnel. You may ask yourself “Why?” but the answer is simple. Comfy wear came to stay. It is what the modern woman desires, and may it be due to the pandemic, but now that it is discovered, it came to stay. Loungewear, e.g., is timeless, and it is something that a woman will embrace on any occasion, or rather after any occasion. In present terms let it be home office, giving you that piece of self-care and self-indulgent in line with Olvi’s mission to celebrate femininity regardless of one’s life occasion. In the future it is this small spark of excitement during an evening event in your favorite Olvi’s dress, knowing that your comfy wear sets are waiting for you at home ready to give you that luxury comfort you deserve. A walk through the park will become your runway wearing your eye-catching flower print dress from our InBloom collection. The small moments in life are mostly the ones we should treasure forever. Keep Blooming comfortable!

Read more about Olvi’s on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/olvis