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Elevating elegance to a value that transcends differences.


Founded by French tennis legend René Lacoste, four-time international champion and the word’s best player in 1926-1927, the Lacoste brand draws inspiration from sporting values of high standards, fair play and daring. We pass down these values through the generations and cultivate elegance as a way of being and inventing one’s life.


Teamwork, daring and inventiveness, elegance and tenacity are the values we uphold to continue writing the Lacoste story together. In an effort to help the talents who join us to reach their full potential, we foster an inclusive company culture focused on personal and professional fulfilment, as well as the regular development of skills.

Durable Elegance

As a responsible fashion player, we devote ourselves to creating a introducing a new model for sustainable fashion – an innovative, ambitious co-construction approach involving all of our partners. Our model takes into account our overall environmental impact alongside that of our supplies and offers an alternative – durable elegance – which helps the people, the local communities that produce it, and the planet.

Our Purpose

Elevating elegance to a value that transcends differences

Elegance sets us apart, and also unites us. Elegance is far more than style; it is an attitude. It is the internal standards that guide each of our personal choices. As it drives us to give our best, it allows us to stand out. But without opposing each other, as elegance has the magnificent ability to bring us together. Anyone who affirms their singularity with elegance accepts and recognises that of others. Each to their own elegance. Without distinguishing between status, gender or culture, elegance unites us beyond our differences.

Elegance find such a strong resonance within the Lacoste values because we know it can help to create a more inclusive, tolerant, connected society. Elegance has this power. Our actions are all inspired by this conviction.

Assisting teams to foster the fulfilment of our employees in truly meaningful work. Charitable commitments for equal opportunities by sharing our values and expertise. A comprehensive CSR strategy alongside our partners for creating a new model for sustainable fashion, minimising its environmental impact and working for collective prosperity.

Liberate movement and connect all cultures

This purpose has inspired our brand mission, which is first and foremost focused on liberating movement, acting without constraints and daring to move past given codes to unite us even more. This mission transforms our convictions into action.