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At Deckers Brands we don’t just create shoes, we create lifestyles. We are about opportunity. Opportunity to create, to grow and to have an impact. We want all our people to be as successful as they can be, to reach their full potential.

At HOKA, our goal is to inspire people to move. #FlyHumanFly.

Built by runners for runners, HOKA running shoes elevate your potential on the track, in the field, on the road and everywhere in between. Founded in 2009 by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, HOKA is a Maori word meaning ‘to fly over the earth’ - and when you’ve felt the HOKA difference, you’ll know just what we mean. From our cushioned PROFLY™ dual density midsole to our J-Frame™ outer sole with Active Foot Frame technology, our running shoes are without parallel; pushing your performance further and farther than you’ve ever been before. HOKA is part of Deckers Brands.

Deckers Brands is made up of several individual brands, each serving customers in a different way – our Fashion Lifestyle Brands provide iconic craftsmanship and timeless style while our Performance Lifestyle Brands empower wearers to get out and get active. But all share the same focus on making peoples’ lives a bit more comfortable.

More than Just a Footwear Company

From our corporate offices to our global retail stores, there’s a curious, independent spirit that’s distinctively Deckers Brands. We’re about giving people the freedom to pursue their passions. And we’re committed to helping them succeed.

We exist to positively impact the world by uniting purposeful brands with diverse people driven to succeed and create change.